Health Promotion


The Master’s Degree in Health Promotion is based on the value of health as a fundamental human right with the equity, participation, and promotion of literacy in health and individual and group capacity building as central pillars.

Its purpose is to develop skills on different levels in order to improve the capacity to intervene towards change – individual, organisational, social, and political – leading to a greater freedom of informed choice, a capacity for social transformation, and a better quality of life for all.

It is intended for graduates in health fields (understood in its broader sense) who are highly motivated to become health promoters.

This master's degree was built throughout the years from international experience within the scope of the European Master in Health Promotion and as a specialisation of the NNSPH Master’s Degree in Public Health having been given autonomy. It consists in a coherent and integrating investment between education, practice, and research.



This course has been accredited by Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior (Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education) and the International Union for Health Promotion & Education.



Healthcare services | Local authorities (in their various fields of work, such as municipalities, Social Network or Committee for the Protection of Children and Young People at Risk, or initiatives for healthy ageing) | Education Sector | Social Welfare, in charities or other civic organisations |  Designing programmes, planning, and developing projects in the Health Promotion field.

Recognised internationally, the Master's Degree in Health Promotion may provide access to specific careers in this field of knowledge, particularly in countries where it exists like the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States of America, and Australia.



Prof. Dr. Ana Rita Goes  (Coordinator)

Prof. Dr. Isabel Loureiro (Assistant Coordinator)

Prof. Dr. Sónia Dias (Assistant Coordinator)



Manuela Santos
Tel.+351 217 512 169


DURATION: 2 years in school [Oct 2020 - Jul 2022]


Mandatory Curricular Units

Tuesday and Thursday | 4:30 pm to 10:10 pm

Optional Curricular Units

Wednesday (afternoon) and/or Saturday (morning)



3 Research Seminars / Semester | Thursday



1st Phase

Application: 6th April - 3rd July

Selection: 6th July - 9th July

Registration: Until July 28 (and after list of admissions publication)


2nd Phase

[Will only take place if the total number of vacancies is not filled in the 1st phase] Application: 4th August- 8th September

Selection: 10th September - 11th September

Registration: Until September 28 (and after list of admissions publication)




Applications take place on line by filling out an electronic form and annexing documents that attest to university degrees and other curricular elements deemed as relevant by the applicants.

The selection panel may request to see the original documents during the interview.



  • University degree diploma in a field associated with health understood in its broader sense (i.e. nursing, medicine, communications, psychology, sociology, law, nutrition, human motor skills, biology, management, economics, political sciences, education sciences, and social welfare).
  • Highly motivated to work in Health Promotion.



Applicants shall be assessed based on submitted documents and an interview. The following criteria shall be used:

  • Final mark of the University Degree
  • Academic, scientific, and professional curriculum
  • Motivation for entering into this master's degree

This Degree must have a minimum of ten students and a maximum of 25.



Application fee - €51,00