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Digital Health Executive Course


The Digital Health Executive Course is an international course promoted by NOVA Public Health together with ENSP-NOVA and NOVA IMS, distinguished by the EIT-Health (European Institute of Innovation and Technology), as a High-Quality Project.

Its mission is to enable professionals in healthcare sector to develop digital transformation in their institutions by acquiring the skills to develop innovation and detect new Digital Health opportunities allowing for new working methods.

With an experienced and diverse team of lecturers from Portuguese and Spanish universities and institutions associated with Portuguese and Spanish health, this course provides a comprehensive view on Digital Health and comprises different subjects like organisational transformation, designing Digital Health projects, adopting technologies, and ethical and legal aspects.

Focusing on an improvement in the quality and provision of healthcare through Digital Health, this course explores new strategies for creating and implementing successful environments in Digital Health and includes three immersive workshops directed to the needs and interests of each student in the fields of Design ThinkingPatient Innovation, and Digital Health Technology.

At the end of the course, the students will have the opportunity to do a Pitch Presentation of the product/solution they developed during the course to a panel of key stakeholders in digital health, where the winning project will have the required support to make it feasible.

The Digital Health Executive Course also offers the possibility to attend an additional area of expertise: Telehealth and Strategic Leadership on Innovation.


Target Audience

This course is directed to professionals in the healthcare sector, namely doctors, managers, and professionals with decision-making responsibilities. It is intended for people with an interest in digital health and an entrepreneurial mindset, who wish to innovate in their organisation, to do something different, and cause an impact in and out of the organisation.



The course should provide participants with the fundamental knowledge to implement a Digital Health project. At the end of the course, students must be capable of:

  • Understanding the role of Digital Health
  • Applying digital leadership knowledge
  • Understanding how thought and co-design may have an impact on the transformation of healthcare and organisational processes
  • Designing projects that involve technology and patients
  • Identifying the most important regulatory and ethical and social aspects of digital health
  • Identifying digital communication challenges in health and relationships



Each module is coordinated by recognised experts in their own field. Two modules will be dedicated to immersive workshops, one in Lisbon and another one in Barcelona. Interactive and immersive teaching methods will be intended in every module.

The course is taught in English in a hybrid format (on line and in person).

Teresa Magalhães (ENSP-NOVA) | Guilherme Vitorino (NOVA IMS)

João Cordeiro (ENSP-NOVA)| Miguel Cabral de Pinho (ENSP-NOVA)



This course has creditation from Ordem dos Farmacêuticos, giving training credits in their countinuous professional traning program (Programa de Desenvolvimento Profissional Contínuo).



Ana Sofia Silva

core curriculum

| 25 ECTS |

M1 - Digital Health Introduction
M2 - Innovation and Value Based Models
M3 - Innovation and Technology Adoption Models
M4 - Science and Technology - Ethical, Legal and Social Issues
M5 - Practical Design Thinking Workshops*
M6 - eHealth Digital Literacy
M7 - Growing Digital Health Ventures
M8 - Sensors, Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
M9 - Digital Project Planing and Management
M10 - Practical Digital Health Workshops*
M11 - Pitch presentations


*On Workshops (M5 and M10):

WS1 - Design Thinking: Identifying ideas for innovation opportunities in digital health and precision medicine. Participants shall have an immersive experience in the Nova IMS Health and Analytics lab, which is equipped with digital technology to support the process of learning.

WS2 - Patient Innovation: A ‘science café’ type of introduction with students and guest patients and carers in a group exercise to develop a digital health solution for a real patient problem/necessity. The goal is to share experience and advantages/difficulties associated with the patient's inclusive process.

WS3 - Digital Health Technology: A group co-creation session dealing with a problem by developing a Digital Health instrument.




Telehealth Strategic Leadership on Innovation
  • Digital Health and the Telehealth Potential
  • Communication and Interaction in Telehealth
  • Digital literacy in Telehealth
  • Telemedicine's ethical, legal and social challenges
  • Telehealth Workshop
  • Fundamentals of Leadership in Healthcare
  • Change Management
  • Organizational Culture for Innovation
  • Knowledge Management







Teresa Magalhães


Guilherme Victorino


Miguel Cabral Pinho


João Cordeiro


Ana Rita Pedro

Carolina Santos

Claudia Delgado Simão

Gonçalo Vilaça

Helena Canhão

Tiago Oliveira

Adalberto C. Fernandes

Julian Perelman

Rui Santana

Rafael Franco

Magdalene Rosenmöller


Maria João Jacinto

Célia Cruz

Paul Lacharmoise

Roberto Henriques

Paula Lobato de Faria

Jorge Tavares


Filipe Freitas Pinto

João Magalhães

José Bastos

Daniel Beirão


Digital Health Executive Course sessions take place from the March to the May 2023, from 4pm to 8pm every Thursday and/or Friday.

There will be two sessions on Saturdays.




  • Up to 50 students are admitted every edition
  • Up to ten replacement applications are accepted every edition
  • The minimum number of participants will be 10
  • The selection criteria will be the order of registration


Effective PAYMENT


Early Bird for applications until the 31st of December 2022:
Digital Health Executive Course: 2.500€
Per Area of Expertise: 700€
Registration fee: 50€


For applications after the 1st of January 2023:

Digital Health Executive Course: 2.625€
Per Area of Expertise: 735€
Registration fee: 50€


After receiving a confirmation of registration from NOVA Public Health (by e-mail), proof of payment of the course ought to be sent within three workdays through the link provided on the e-mail.


Method for sending proof of payment:
Exclusively on line through the effective payment form (please read the information on the automatic e-mail sent after registration).




Registration: Until the 20th of January 2023
Beginning of the Course: 2nd of March 2023


* The registration deadline will be brought forward if there are no more openings available.




Short video testimony about the 1st Edition of this Executive Course

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Some moments in the Executive Course

Workshop Design Thinking


Pitch Presentation