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The current and future to Public Health and Health Services Management lead to a permanent update need on the existing knowledge. In a more complex, global and competitive context, professional practice based on scientific evidence is a pressing requirement to mitigate the risks in the decision-making process and to generate value in organizations.

The CONTIGOS Program meets several needs of training for knowledge update or the acquisition of new competencies within the area of ​​health organizations management, bearing in mind the role of health care services in the scope of Public Health and Health Services Management.

The Program offers flexible and modular training, on the state of the art of knowledge in innovative and specialized scopes in these areas and allows a selective choice of a wide range of themes, targeted to those who carry out their activity within the health sector.


CONTIGOS Total Training Program Offer


Offer professionals and other people interested the update of knowledge within the area of Public Health, particularly in Health Organizations Management;

Share new skills in innovative areas of expertise; Build a form of interaction between the different players involved within the health sector;

Contribute to an up-to-date professional practice based on scientific evidence;

Contribute to an informed debate on the current topics and the future of Public Health and Health Management Organizations.



Internal Contractualisation | 8 hours[In partnership with APAH]

Responsible Teacher: Ana Escoval

9th February | Porto


Digital Health and Precision Medicine | 12 hours[In partnership with APAH]

Responsible Teacher: João Valente Cordeiro

2nd and 3rd March | Lisbon, ENSP-NOVA


Patient Centered Care | 8 hours [In partnership with APAH]

Responsible Teacher: Alexandre Abrantes

23rd March | Lisbon, ENSP-NOVA


Patient Quality and Safety in Hospital Setting | 12  hours [In partnership with the APAH]

Responsible Teachers: Paulo Boto e Paulo Sousa

13th e 14th April | Lisbon, ENSP-NOVA


Hospital Readmissions and Continued Care | 8 hours [In partnership with APAH]

Responsible Teacher: Sílvia Lopes

27th April | Porto


Economic Assessment of Health | 8 hours[In partnership with APAH]

Responsible Teacher: João Pereira

18th May | Lisbon, ENSP-NOVA


The teacher of each module is responsible for the teaching methodology used. The teaching / learning method foresees the physical presence of the participants in lectures, favoring complementary mixed methods such as oral presentation, development and discussion of practical cases and / or case studies.



The evaluation of the acquired knowledge is optional depending on the preference of each student. At the end of each module a participation certificate will be issued to all participants who have attended at least 75% of the expected class hours.



Also, at the end of each module the satisfaction level of the participants will be measured, through the ENSP-NOVA teaching quality assessment system.


The training is aimed to all professionals seeking an update of knowledge or the acquisition of new skills in specific topics of Public Health and Health Services Management.



To apply for the frequency of the modules it is required to have a university degree and, as preferential condition, to have a graduation in Hospital Administration.

If required, the selection criteria will be based on motivation letter to attend the course and the Curriculum Vitae.

Each module requires a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 students.

In the event of multiple interested parties than the maximum number of places available, it may be decided to organize new editions of each module.



Modules duration 4h = 150.00€

Modules duration 8h = 300.00€

Modules duration 12h = 400.00€

Modules duration 16h = 500.00€


15% of the total value - registration in two or more modules

25% of the total value - registration in five or more modules



ENSP-NOVA has a set of resources to support training activities:

  • Computer room
  • Library with search access Reprography
  • Cafeteria
  • Students room Class rooms

The materials to support the sessions in each training modules are made available to participants in digital format.



CONTIGOS Program has also available a support secretariat responsible for providing administrative and logistical support to the program.



During the modules, participants will be offered coffee-breaks. Lunch is also included for modules lasting more than 4 hours.