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Continuous Formation


The NOVA National Public Health School (NOVA-NSPH) allows external students to attend curricular units from its post-graduate courses (specialization, masters and phd).

The Continuous Training Program takes place in two semesters, with specific offerings for each, allowing the selection of a personal training plan that is adjusted to the student's professional, personal and academic interests.

Likewise, this possibility is also provided collectively, allowing an interested institution to select a training plan that is adjusted to its priorities and directed to the interests and needs of its human resources.



Prof. João Valente Cordeiro


The training is aimed at all professional seeking to update knowledge or acquire new skills.


Undergraduate level (or equivalent), or other specific requirement registered for each specific Curricular Unit.

Each module works with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 25 students


Application should be done online, by filling in a specific form and biographical survey in electronic format. enroll here.

The supporting documentation for the undergraduate level (or equivalent) and any other curricular elements the applicant finds relevant, can be attached to the form.

For each Curricular Unit, enrolments will only be accepted up to 3 days before its start date, as long as vacancies remain.


Modules with 1 ECTS = 80,00€
Modules with 2 ECTS = 160,00€
Modules with 3 ECTS = 240,00€
Modules with 4 ECTS = 320,00€

In the case of batch enrolments by institutions (more than 4 students), the ENSP-NOVA will provide a discount over the enrolment fees.

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