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Outcomes Research


Outcomes Research

The main goal of the Outcomes Research Course is to provide a current and clear view of the principles and practices for measuring health outcomes as well as their potential use in making clinical and political decisions within a context of HTA – Health Technology Assessment.

This course will be split into two main parts, the first will be the theory and will approach the necessary concepts for better understanding the goals of the course; the second part will be more practical and intended to explore the application of Outcomes Research in Health Technology Assessment.



This course should provide its participants with fundamental knowledge for understanding the research needs, potential, and applicability in Outcomes Research, particularly in terms of Health Technology Assessment.

More precisely at the end of the course, participants ought to be capable of:

  • Exploring the concepts, usefulness, and potential of research in Outcomes Research.
  • Formulating relevant scientific questions for measuring health outcomes within the context of RWE - Real World Evidence.
  • Concept mapping for the study of Outcomes Research.
    Identifying RWE and observational research limits.
  • Knowing the methodologies available for dealing with confounding and bias.
  • Understanding the research methods and resources available in Outcomes Research (i.e. records and other relevant health databases).
  • Understanding the role of the different fields of knowledge (i.e. Epidemiology and Health Economics) in the assessment of health outcomes.
  • Understanding the types of health outcome measuring instruments, including Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO).
  • Knowing patient-focused research potentials.
  • Knowing the process of Health Technology Assessment in force in Portugal.
  • Understanding the importance of research in Outcomes Research within Health Technology Assessment.



The Outcomes Research Course is intended for all those interested in improving their knowledge in this field and particularly its application within a context of HTA – Health Technology Assessment, including researchers, healthcare professionals, professionals in charge of making healthcare decisions, particularly concerning health technologies, and pharmaceutical industry professionals.



Each module will be coordinated by recognised experts in their own field (please refer to the Programme details). Two Modules will be dedicated to seminars lectured by distinguished lecturers from a professional area that addresses subjects associated with the topic of this course. An interactive teaching method is intended for each module promoting a free and informed discussion on the addressed subjects, particularly the second part of the course (i.e. Application of Outcomes Research & HTA).


Professors & Lecturers

Pedro Laires | Julian Perelman | Carla Nunes | Pedro Aguiar | Lara Noronha Ferreira | Melo Gouveia | Joana Alves | Andreia Leite | Ana Paula Martins | Francisco Ramos | Adalberto Campos Fernandes | Mónica Oliveira



Coordination: Pedro Laires
Course Information



Part 1 | Theory

  • Introduction to outcomes Research
  • Research in Outcomes Research
  • Measuring instruments in Outcomes Research
  • Study implementation in Outcomes Research
  • Seminars I: Generating Evidence
  • Economic assessment in Health Technologies


Part 2: Application of Outcomes Research & HTA

  • Application of Outcomes Research and Health Technology Assessment
  • Seminars II: Decision Evidence


The Outcomes Research Course – Measuring Health Outcomes within a Context of Health Technology Assessment sessions take place every Tuesday and Thursday of the from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. from February 1st to February  24th, 2022:


  • FEB  01 - 03 – 08 – 10 – 15 – 17 – 22 - 24 


  • Up to 20 students are admitted every edition.
  • Up to ten replacement applications are accepted every edition.
  • The minimum number of participants will be ten.
  • The selection criteria will be the order of registration.



The Outcomes Research Course fee is € 500.

Deadline: After receiving a confirmation of registration from NNSPH (by e-mail), proof of payment of the course ought to be sent within three workdays through the link provided on the e-mail.
Method for sending proof of payment: exclusively on line through the effective payment form (please read the information on the automatic e-mail sent after registration).



Registration: until November 8th, 2021*
Beginning of Course: February  1st, 2022
End of Course: February 24th, 2022

* The registration deadline will be brought forward if there are no more openings available.



Applications for the Second Research Course from starts on November 8th.

For any clarification or news on the Course, please send an e-mail to