Hospital Administration


The Specialization Course of Hospital Administration aims to provide scientific knowledge, technical and specialized skills that enable the graduates to practice management in hospital organizations.

With a faculty with professional experience and academic competence adjusted to the scientific and academic requirements of the course, a close connection is promoted between teaching-learning and the experience of teachers and lecturers.

It is, since 1980, the only course that qualifies for admission to the hospital administration career (Decree-Law 48 357 of April 27th, 1968).



All students attend an internship at the final stage of the course, in order to

complete the theoretical training.



With the objective of honoring Prof. Coriolano Ferreira, the Award aims to  distinguish annually the best student of the Specialization Course in Hospital Administration of the ENSP-NOVA and is intended to be used for the presentation at an international conference of a work developed within the scope of the Course, with the maximum value of 2,500€.


Visit the Regulation.



Prof. Doctor Carlos Costa




Paula Silva

Tel. +351 217 512 201

E-mail:  paulacris@ensp.unl.pt



Curricular Unit

(Full Time)

Health Law 1st 3
Health Economics to AH      1st 5
Statistic I 1st 4
Hospital Resources Management 1st 6
Health Organizations Management I 1st 3
Fundamentals of Public Health 1st 4
Performance Evaluation 2nd 5
Epidemiology 2nd 3
Financing and Financial Analysis in Organizations of Health 2nd 5
Quality Management 2nd 5
Health Organizations Management II 2nd 3
Hospital Production 2nd 5
Optional Curricular Units 1 and 2nd 9
Field Work Seminars 3rd and 4th 5
Field Work 3rd and 4th 35
Professional internship practice 3rd and 4th 20
Total - 120

Note: The Study Plan is under discussion and the updated version will be published soon.


Full Time
2 years in school

October 2021- October 2023

Year 1

Mandatory CU

Tuesday | 9h30 to 20h10 Wednesday | 9h30 to 13h10

Optional CU

Wednesday (afternoon) and Saturday (morning)

Year 2

Workload = Year 1 

During the field work / internship face-to-face sessions are planned at ENSP-NOVA. Remaining time agreed with the field work/internship advisor.

  • In the first academic year, seminars outside the mentioned periods may be held, up to a maximum of 2 days per semester.
  • Evaluations can take place on other days beyond Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • The detailed schedule will be published until the beginning of the classes (predictably during the month of September).



1st Phase

Application: 7th April - 30th June

Selection: 6th July - 14th July

Registration: Until August 5 (and after list of admissions publication)


2nd Phase

[Will only take place if the total number of vacancies is not filled in the 1st phase]

Application: 2nd August- 1st September

Selection: 6th September - 10th September

Registration: Until September 30 (and after list of admissions publication)



University degree (or legal equivalent)

Proficiency in Portuguese and English

The admission of national or foreign students with a degree obtained outside Portugal will follow the legislation in force, namely regarding equivalence, and with the special rules in force at ENSP-NOVA.



The Course requires a minimum of 10 registrations and a maximum of 30 (excluding any supernumerary vacancies).



The application is submitted online, by completing the application form and attaching the following documents

  • Application letter
  • Proof of university degree or equivalent CV
  • Other elements deemed relevant (optional)



Candidates are selected through the curricular analysis and can be submitted to an elimination test (individual interview) by a jury created to be designated.

1st Phase

 Interviews 6th, 9 and 10 July

Results publication: Until 12th July


2nd Phase

[Will only take place if the total number of vacancies is not filled in the 1st phase]

Interviews 11th - 13th September

Results publication: Up to - 14th September


Exceptionally, conditional registrations may be accepted for candidates who, until the end of the application period, have not obtained a degree or equivalent, or do not have all the necessary documents to register. In case of admission, these candidates must submit all missing elements until the end of the period established for the registration.



Application fee - €51.00

The organization, operation, activities and other aspects related to the Course of Hospital Administration are defined in the respective Regulation.


Read the Regulation of Course of Hospital Administration




The National School of Public Health and the Portuguese Association of Hospital Administrators award the Coriolano Ferreira Prize, which aims to annually distinguish the best student on the Hospital Administration Course.

Aiming to honor Prof. Coriolano Ferreira, the Prize is intended to be used for the presentation at an international conference of a work developed within the scope of the Course, with the maximum value of 2,500€.

The Coriolano Ferreira Prize is sponsored by IASIST and IQVIA. Visit the Regulation.


About Professor Coriolano Ferreira

Professor Coriolano Ferreira played a unique role within the exercise of hospital administration and its investigation, as well as in the consolidation of the National School of Public Health. He was a pioneer in the practice of hospital administration, founder of the Portuguese Journal of Public Health in 1983 and director of the National School of Public Health for a decade (1976-86).

Helena Ramos Rodrigues

Group Coordinator for the implementation of Analytical Accounting, CH of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, E.P.E.

The frequency of the Specialization Course in Hospital Administration was one of the most fruitful challenges I have overcome, not only because of the high quality of the theoretical and practical information received, but also through the unique experiences of knowledge sharing between colleagues and teachers. I would like to point out the excellent organization of the course, the contact with professionals of excellence with wide experience within the health sector. This is a relevant course, demanding above the average, but very important for those who wish to develop and consolidate management skills in healthcare units. I recognize that the time invested in attending the course versus any personal and professional difficulties was worth it.


Tiago Soares

Nurse of the West Lisbon CH | Student of the Doctoral Program in Public Health

CEAH was a determining factor in my knowledge and skills development within health services administration, management and research. The different perspectives and know-how of the teachers, along with the knowledge and experiences of external lecturers in the area of ​​health service management, allowed a broad perspective on the governance of the different levels of the Portuguese care system.


Joel Rocha

Procurement Support Officer at NHS London Procurement Partnership

Given my background in biomedical engineering, computer and medical instrumentation, I felt the need to better understand the hospital management as a whole. Certainly, the Specialization course in Hospital Administration emerged as a great opportunity in the acquisition of this knowledge.

The interdisciplinarity, the approach adopted in the classes with an ambitious program and practical contents, as well as the professional experience of the teachers, make the Course an example of teaching hospital administration in Portugal. No doubt it was an asset for my career.


Miguel Papança

Hospital Market Access at Gilead Sciences

The course gave me the privilege of obtaining unique knowledge on contents and processes that are part of the day-to-day of the hospital administrator, as well as studying it in an academic and, therefore, rigorous and scientific way. I feel that I learned much of what is fundamental to know for those who intend to follow this path, but also learned how to study, investigate and write on these subjects, which helps to deepen subjects not so specifically addressed in the classes’ course and to initiate some research in this area.