Public Health


The Specialization Course in Public Health of ENSP-NOVA intends to respond to the training needs of the Public Health internship, established in the Training Program for Medical Interns in Public Health.

The Medical Internship of Public Health is a process of specialized medical training, allowing the Interns who have been approved to join the Public Health Specialty.

The Specialization Course in Public Health is one of the mandatory internships of this Training Program, which aims to provide full-time theoretical and practical training in the field of public health. It aims to deepen the knowledge and develop the skills essential to the future exercise of a doctor specialized in public health.

According to the current legal frame, the training should be provided by an Institution of Higher Education with the recognized competence of the Medical Association to administer the professionalization course for public health physicians.

The Specialization Course in Public Health was designed to correspond to the curricular part of the Public Health Master, with the necessary adaptations to the objectives of the Medical Internship and the terms of reference for the internship of the  Health College Public of the Doctor’s Bar Association.

Once successfully completed, each student, at the end of CESP, will have accumulated 71 credit units (ECTS).

Upon successful completion of the Specialization Course in Public Health, the medical intern may apply for a complementary training project, designed with the objective of providing the complementary training necessary to obtain the master's degree in public health.



Professor Doutor Adalberto Campos Fernandes

Professor Doutor Paulo Sousa



Manuela Santos
Tel.+351 217 512 169
E-mail mmsantos@ensp.unl.pt





1st Semester Schedule


Module I [PDF 111 KB]
Module II [PDF 124 KB]
Module III [PDF 130 KB]


Curricular Unit ECTS
Demography 3
Introduction to Law and Ethic in Public Health 2
Global Health 2
Sociology of Health 1
Fundamentals of Public Health 4
Epidemiology I 4
Statistics for Public Health Physicians 4
Qualitative Methods in Social Research and Health 3
Health Policies and Systems 2
Occupational Health 2
Introduction to the Health Economics 2
Action Strategies for Health Evaluation and Planning 4
Principles and Planning in Health Promotion 4
Research Methodologies in Public Health I 2
Health Services Organization and Management 4
Information Systems used in Health 2
Health Authorities 2
Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases 3
Epidemiological Surveillance and Risk Management 3
Environmental Health 4
International Health and Risk Management 2
Advanced Statistics for Public Health Physicians 2
Epidemiology II 3
Research Methodologies in Public Health II 7
Total 71