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European Network Working on Second Victims meeting in ENSP-NOVA


Publicado a 29/06/2023

The Working Group 3 of Cost Action ERNST – European Network Working on Second Victim( Cost Action 19113), coordinated by Professor Paulo Sousa from ENSP-NOVA met in our institution on the last 26th and 27th of June. The meeting brought together 11 professionals and researchers from different parts of Europe (Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Israel, Malta, Norway, Spain, Slovakia,Poland and Portugal). The ERNST Network strongly invests in the study and dissemination of the phenomenon of the Second Victim –  “any health care worker, directly or indirectly involved in an unanticipated adverse patient event, unintentional healthcare error, or patient injury, and who becomes victimized in the sense that they are also negatively impacted.” For more information about the ERNST Network:

This meeting provided the opportunity to update the working group activities during the last 2 years and a half. Namely it was presented the European Course on Second Victims,  launched in last May 2023: courses /course-second-victim/ .

This meeting also included the identification of a set of indicators to measure the impact of second victim care programs on health organizations. This activity will enable to obtain a group of recommendations for monitoring interventions to support health professionals after the occurrence of adverse events.

The next face to face activity of the ERNST Network will take place in Wiesbaden Business School, in Germany , between the 18th and 21st of September, where the 3rd edition of the ERNST Training School will take place.