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International Conference on Global Public Health and Human Rights


  November, 2019

NOVA National School of Public Health hosts, together with Erasmus School of Law – Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and IDIVAL, University of Cantabria (Spain), on Dezember 4th 2019, in Coriolano Ferreira Auditorium the “International Conference on Global Public Health and Human Rights”.

In a rapidly globalized word, health and human rights are closely related. Violating basic human rights can heavily impact in a negative way the health of individuals and communities. Violating further basic human rights might also lead to inequality and discrimination in access to health-care services.

The realization of human rights in health care is, therefore, a key-obligation, both at a national and global level. But what is the relationship between human rights and global health? What are the key elements of that complex relationship, what are the key national and international institutions, and how do they respond to human rights challenges in health?

These and other issues will be addressed during the Conference that will have as speakers Professor Paula Lobato Faria, André den Exter, from Erasmus School of Law e also Invited Professor from ENSP-NOVA, and Joaquin Cayon, from IDIVAL.

All information and registrations can be found in the Conference website.