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Multi-actor Collaboration – Research Workshop

Reitoria NOVA - Lisboa

  6 novembro 2017 | 9h-14h

O Multi-actor collaboration – research workshop com o Professor Marc Craps, de KU Leuven, realiza-se no dia 6 de novembro de 2017, entre as 9h e as 14h, na Reitoria da Universidade NOVA.



What is collaboration?

Collaboration is conceived as an emergent social process, in which representatives of a diversity of constituencies, through open and respectful dialogue gradually come to synergetic solutions, satisfying all the involved actors. This process requires trust, openness, mutual understanding and dialogical skills among the involved actors.

In this workshop you are invited to participate actively in a simulation exercise, based on a real case about “Mining in the Biosphere”. Multi-actor simulations have proven effective for learning about collaboration, as they enable participants to reflect on their predominant power frames and a wider range of action strategies. The facilitator of the workshop will also explain how he’s using this simulation for research purposes about learning to collaborate.


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