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NOVA School of Public Health contributes to Value Based Healthcare

Publicado a 28/03/2023

On March 15, 2023 the NOVA School of Public Health brought to Lisbon two of the greatest international references in Value Based Healthcare for an international conference that brought together more than a hundred decision-makers, academics, health professionals and health industry from Portugal.

Elizabeth Teisberg and Scott Wallace, from the Value Institute for Health and Care, Texas University, presented the fundamental lines for the transformation of the Portuguese healthcare governance in a lecture entitled “Restoring Health Care”.

Sónia Dias, Dean of NOVA School of Public Health was in charge of the opening ceremony and took the opportunity to frame the importance of the theme for all health stakeholders and the role of teaching in this transformation. “To fully adopt value-based healthcare, a shift in education and research is necessary”, the Dean said. “Medical and public health schools and healthcare providers need to emphasize the importance of patient outcomes and decreasing healthcare costs through efficient practices. Value-based healthcare education should include training programs, workshops, and seminars emphasizing how implementing value based healthcare strategies can lead to better patient outcomes, more efficient care models and lower healthcare costs. This type of education and research to improve evidence on this topic can lead to a cultural shift where value-based care is no longer an abstract concept but a real practice that benefits patients and providers alike.”, concluded Sónia Dias.

The conference included also the participation of a Portuguese panel, moderated by Professor Alexandre Lourenço, Professor of Health Systems Policy and Management from NOVA School of Public Health, from public and private sectors, to present Value Based Healthcare national best-practices: Centro Hospitalar Universitário de Coimbra, Luz Saúde, VOH.Colab, and the Directorate-General of Health.

The closing session was held by the Secretary of State for Health and NOVA School of Public Health Alumni, Ricardo Mestre: “It is good to be here at NOVA School of Public Health, which largely contributed to my education, and I appreciate the school’s invitation to come back today, for such a relevant event.”.

“I would like to reiterate the importance of the academy to advance value based healthcare in Portugal. Sharing experiences and results amongst teams is critical, but so is developing an education model to prepare and train the new generation of healthcare professionals to lead the value-based transformation in the coming years.”, concluded the Health Secretary of State.


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