Quality Policy



The NOVA National School of Public Health assumes as one of its main responsibilities the development, promotion and guarantee of teaching quality, research and the services it provides.

As an organic unit from the NOVA University, it actively contributes for the development of the NOVA SIMAQ – NOVA’s Internal Quality Monitoring and Evaluation System.

NOVA SIMAQ follows the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check and Act) management cycle approach during which evidence of the system’s effectiveness is produced, within this policy.

To fulfill its mission, NOVA NSPH guides its performance by the following principles and commitments:

  • Provide a service of excellence in the areas of teaching, research and the provision of services to the community, continually adapting efforts to meet the stakeholder’s needs in these matters;
  • Ensure the quality of the courses and training provided, guided by the A3Es guidelines and the NOVA principles;
  • Evaluate the satisfaction of the entire ENSP-NOVA community in order to trigger improvement actions aimed at the quality of the services provided;
  • Promote the appropriate management of financial, human and infrastructure resources, ensuring the competence and valorization of its employees and the adequacy of the work environment for the operationalization of processes;
  • Promote the training of employees, in order to develop their skills and training, considering the strategic objectives of ENSP-NOVA;
  • Ensure the systematical implementation and continuous improvement of the NOVA-SIMAQ Quality Management System at ENSP-NOVA, based on compliance with the requirements of A3ES and NP EN ISO 9001;
  • Periodically analyze and review the adequacy, applicability and continued effectiveness of the Quality Policy and Objectives, in view of the performance results of the Internal Quality Management System;
  • Make this Quality Policy available to interested parties, whenever requested.


The implementation of this Policy is individual and collective responsibility of all employees of the NOVA NSPH.



Prof. Rui Santana, Deputy Director for Quality, who presides over;

Prof. Florentino Serranheira, Responsible for Teaching-Learning domain;

Prof. Julian Perelman, Responsible for Research domain;

Prof. Paulo Sousa, Responsible for the domain of Internationalization;

Prof. Teresa Magalhães, Responsible for the domain of Creation of Value;

Dr. Daniel Brás, Student representative of the 3rd Cycle of Studies;

Dr. Ewa Veiga, Student representative of the 2nd Cycle of Studies;

Dr. Olivia Fernandes, Quality Planning and Management Office.


Following the recent development of quality assurance systems, namely those in the European space, the Portuguese state has decided to create the "Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior" (Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education - A3ES).

In this section you find the documents of the procedures for the accreditation of NOVA-NSPH study programmes and internal quality assurance systems. All documents are in portuguese, if you want to know more, please contact




Institutional Self-Assessment Report

PhD in Public Health


PhD in Global Public Health


PhD Erasmus Mundus PHOENIX in JDP Dynamics of Health and Welfare


Master in Public Health


Master in Health Management


Master in Occupational Health


Master in Health Promotion


Master in Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Health Research







NOVA NSPH annually applies a survey to its academic community (students, faculty, researchers and non-faculty) to assess overall satisfaction with various aspects of the Institution.

Satisfaction Survey Results:

Satisfaction Survey Results 2021

All Teaching Quality Assesment Reports are available in the school intranet and are in portuguese.











Within the scope of an application to SAMA 2020 - Support System for Digital Transformation of the Public Administration, NOVA NSPH is developing the project InoQPHE - Innovation for Quality in Public Health Education, which aims to ensure that digital services are simpler, accessible and inclusive, in order to enhance their use by all citizens. It also seeks to achieve efficiencies that enhance the cost reduction, namely, through a greater sharing of resources, making the NOVA NSPH’ digital transformation sustainable.

See the InoQPHE Project Sheet.




The NOVA National Public of Public Health started in 2018 the implementation process for its quality management system. This is integrated, in general terms, in the development of the NOVA SIMAQ - NOVA's Internal Quality Monitoring and Evaluation System,  in order to assure organizational quality practices in education, research and services to the NOVA-NSPH community.

From October 2019 to February 2020 will take place the diagnosis, redefinition and implementation work for the main processes and internal procedures of NOVA-NSPH in all its activities. This will be done by the Quality Management Office and performed in partnership with the Welding and Quality Institute (ISQ), involving all of the NOVA-NSPH community. Besides producing the internal procedures manual, training actions will be provided to employees, thus contributing for the current and future practice of a philosophy of continuous improvement in all work performed.