Quality Management


The Quality Management Office is responsible for:

Serve as a support structure for the functions to be performed by the Quality Officer in the operational implementation of quality policies and objectives;
Ensure the fulfillment of specific operational tasks of quality management related to the requirements of general control of documents and records, internal audits, non-conformities, corrective actions and improvement actions, complaints and praise;
Ensure that the quality assurance support documentation is identified and kept up to date in each service, reporting this information periodically to the Quality Manager;
Participate in the quality audits carried out, collaborating with the Quality Manager in the implementation of any improvement actions resulting from their performance;
Be responsible for monitoring the accreditation processes (ACEF, PERA and NCE) in conjunction with the Rectory’s GGQAE.



Rui Santana | Sub-director for Quality (Quality Officer)
Lurdes Pedro | Executive Administrator
Olívia Fernandes | Quality Delegate
Ana Cardoso | Secretariat