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Social Prescription: International Publication with NOVA NSPH

Publicado a 02/04/2024

The NOVA Nacional School of Public Health reinforces its pioneering position in the implementation of Social Prescribing in Portugal, an innovative initiative integrating health and social care, centered on the individual, with the aim of preventing illness and promoting health and well-being, through participation in the book “Social Prescribing Policy, Research and Practice“.

This publication, launched on International Social Prescribing Day, celebrated on March 14, addresses existing gaps in the literature on Social Prescribing in different countries – Wales, Germany, Ireland, Canada, Singapore, and Portugal – with the aim of contributing insights that can be replicable in a variety of contexts.

With a chapter entirely dedicated to Portugal, Sónia Dias, Ana Gama, Louise Viecili Hoffmeister, and Cristiano Figueiredo thus make a valuable contribution to a better and clearer approach on this topic.

Since 2018, NOVA NSPH has supported the design, planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of Social Prescribing initiatives in Portugal, through the establishment of partnerships and the development of projects from north to south of the country.

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