Current Business Status

National School of Public Health, NOVA University of Lisbon

Deputy Director

Full Professor, Head of the Department of Health Policy and Administration


Previous Professional Experience

Portuguese Red Cross

Chairman of the Board, Portuguese Red Cross Hospital, 2018-2019

Vice-president and Secretary General, 2017-2019


World Bank

Senior Evaluation Consultant in charge of World Bank Haiti Reconstruction Fund Review, June 2017


Coordination and teaching in curricula unit Global Health


Development Projects

  1. World Bank Haiti Reconstruction Fund Review, June 2017
  2. 20 health projects in different Latin American and African countries, as project leader or health specialist, including several project implementations reports, namely those for the Malaria Control Project in the Amazon Region and the Control of Endemic Diseases in NE Brazil.
  3. 33 IDA credits, in education, health and social protection, for a total of almost 1 billion USD, as sector manager for Human Development in West Africa, including the respective project implementation reports
  4. 55 new loans and grants, worth 8 billion USD, covering all WB sectors, as Manager for portfolio and operations in Brazil, and oversight of ongoing portfolio 50 active projects, for a total of about 12 billion USD, including the respective project implementation reports.

As WB Special Envoy and Director for Haiti, after the tragic January 2010 Earthquake, he directed the preparation of the Country Partnership Strategy and the preparation of 15 grants to finance emergency, reconstruction and economic development projects, for a total of about 500 million USD.



34 book chapters and articles and published in refereed publications.


Some Publications

Vasco Ricoca Peixoto, Carla Nunes, Alexandre Abrantes. Epidemic surveillance of Covid-19: considering uncertainty and under-ascertainment. Portuguese Journal of Public Health. 2020; 38(1) Doi: 10.1159/000507587.

Vasco Ricoca Peixoto, Ricardo Mexia, Nina de Sousa Santos, Carlos Carvalho, Alexandre Abrantes. From tuberculosis to COVID-19: legal and constitutional framework regarding compulsory isolation/treatment due to contagious diseases in Portugal. Acta Médica Portuguesa. 2020; 33(4)

Abrantes A. “Políticas y prioridades do Banco Mundial em Proyectos de Salud en Africa.” Salud y Desarrollo, Retos para el Siglo XXI. (Barcelona, Fundacion Salud, Inovacion y Sociedad, 2005)

Abrantes A., “Contracting Public Health Care Services in Latin America”, in Innovations in Health Service Delivery. The Corporatization of Public Hospitals (Washington, DC: The World Bank, 2003)

Akhavan D., Musgrove P., Abrantes A., Gusmão R., “Cost Effective malaria control in Brazil: Cost-effectiveness of a malaria control program in the Amazon Basin of Brazil”, 1988-1996. Social Science and Medicine, 49 (1999) 1385-1399




1992-2017, June |  World Bank

1988-1992 |Scientific and Principal Scientific Officer, Commission of the European Commission


Professional affiliations

Order of Physicians

Medical Sciences Society

Portuguese Public Health Society

Portuguese Association of Epidemiology