Assistant Professor at the Department of Health Strategies, in the area of Health Promotion.

PhD in Health Psychology from Faculdade de Psicologia at ULisboa. Master degree in Public Health from Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. Graduated in Psychology, from Faculdade de Psicologia e Ciências da Educação at Universidade de Lisboa.

Her main research interests are in the domain of health promotion, namely health literacy, healthy development and mental health.

Pedagogic Coordination

  • Principles & Strategies in Health Promotion (Masters in Public Health, Masters in Health Promotion);
  • Health Communication (Masters in Health Promotion, Continuous Training Program);
  • Local Governance and Health Promotion (Masters in Health Promotion);
  • Healthy Habits in Childhood (Continuous Training Program);
  • Methods of Social Investigation in Health (Masters in Health Management, Masters in Occupational Health, Specialization in Occupational Medicine).


Teaching Participation

  • Fundamentals of Public Health;
  • Public Health Seminar I (Doctorate in Public Health);
  • Seminar in Specialty in Health Promotion (Doctorate in Public Health);
  • Principles and Planning in Health Promotion (Specialization Course in Public Health);
  • Methods of Social Investigation in Health (Masters in Public Health, Masters in Health Promotion).



Joana Mira | Compreensão e tratamento da obesidade infantil | PhD in Public Health, ENSP-NOVA.

Renata Nascimento e Silva | Literacia em Saúde e Vacinação | PhD in Public Health, ENSP-NOVA.

Dulce do Ó | Literacia em saúde, Autocuidados e Compensação da Diabetes Tipo 2 | PhD in Public Health, ENSP-NOVA. Joint supervision with Prof. Isabel Loureiro, ENSP/NOVA.

Teresa Rodrigues | Promoção da Saúde Mental em Idade Pré-Escolar | PhD in Public Health, ENSP-NOVA. Joint supervision with Prof. Teresa Maia, ENSP/NOVA.

Andrea Bruno de Sousa | Pediatric chronic kidney disease: exploring the family’ experience on its management and impact among children and their families | Erasmus Mundus PhD Program Phoenix JDP - Dynamics of Health and Welfare, ENSP/NOVA, Linköping University. Joint supervision with Prof. Anette Wickström, Linköping University.


Mentored 17 master students.

Participation in several research projects in the areas of health promotion, child mental health promotion,  psychosocial risk assessment, early detection of developmental and behavioral problems, childhood sleep problems, childhood anxiety disorders, adaptation to pediatric chronic conditions, sponsored by different entities (FCT – Portuguese National Funding Agency for Science, Research and Technology; POAT – Operational Programme on Technical Assistance; High Commissioner for Health; local authorities)

Currently participates in the following research projects:

  • Health literacy and social cohesion in migrant populations
  • National Health Literacy Demonstration Project: Health Literate Care for the Prevention and Control of Type-2 Diabetes.
  • Papa Bem: alimentar é educar – implementation and assessment in partnership with child care education.


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ORCID:  https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4722-3282


Scientific reviewer for the following publications: BMC Pediatrics, BMC Psychology, Portuguese Journal of Public Health, Revista Saúde & Tecnologia.

Authored several communications in national and international scientific meetings.