Luís Mendonça Galaio

Occupational Health Invited Assistant Professor




Invited Assistant Professor in the Environmental and Occupational Health Department.

Degree in Medicine from the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the Nova University of Lisbon, Specialist in Occupational Medicine, Consultant in Occupational Medicine and Occupational Health doctor in Centro Hospitalar Universitário Lisboa Norte.

Doctoral candidate in Public Health, speciality of Occupational and Environmental Health at the National School of Public Health in Nova University of Lisbon.

Academic interest areas are: occupational health, occupational medicine, occupational safety and hygiene, particularly in healthcare workers and/or healthcare institutes, namely biological risks, musculoskeletal risks, shift-work and/or night-work related risks.


Collaboration in teaching:

  • Postgraduate Course in Occupational Medicine (CMT) at NOVA NSPH
  • Master's Course in Occupational Health at NOVA NSPH

The research area is essentially focused on risk assessment in Occupational Health and Safety, with a focus on healthcare providers.

Specific topics of interest include: biological occupational risks (COVID-19, influenza, pulmonary tuberculosis, legionellosis, work-related accidents with biological risk, among others), occupational risks associated with shift work and/or night work, and occupational musculoskeletal risks.

Member of CHRC (Comprehensive Health Research Centre).

Member do CISP/PHRC (Centro de Investigação em Saúde Pública / Public Health Research Centre)



ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3501-0730

External Action
  • Founding member of the Portuguese Occupational Medicine Society, occupying its board between 2009-14.
  • Member of the board of the Occupational Medicine Office of the Portuguese College of Physicians between 2018-21.
  • Co-coordinator of the Occupational Medicine in Hospitals Work Committee of the Portuguese Occupational Medicine Society.