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Working Group Meeting 3 in COST Action 19113  “The European Researchers’ Network Working on Second Victims” (ERNST) in ENSP-NOVA

Publicado a 01/07/2022

On the last 27th and 28th of June a Working Group Meeting  part of COST Action 19113 “The European Researchers’ Network Working on Second Victims” (ERNST) was held at the NOVA National School of Public Health (ENSP-NOVA).

The meeting brought together 16 experts from 12 different countries to discuss the structure and content of the materials developed in the Working Group 3 (lead by ENSP-NOVA).

The materials that are being developed will be available to be used in training programs for health professionals, students and researchers in the field of Patient Safety and Second Victim. These materials will be used and tested at the first Training School that will happen next October 3th-5th, 2022, in Zagreb, Croatia.

The event also served to hold the meeting of COST Action ERNST leaders, where ENSP-NOVA is represented by Professor Paulo Sousa. Sofia Paiva, PhD student in Public Health and Joana Fernandes, master’s student in Public Health from ENSP-NOVA are two active members in the Cost Action and also contributed in this meeting.