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ASPHER´s Task Force for COVID-19 publishes article led by NOVA NSPH researcher

Publicado a 15/07/2021

The Association of Schools of Public Health in European Region Task Force for evidence on COVID-19, which NOVA NSPH integrates, has just published an article on the current status of the pandemic in Europe, emphasizing that we are currently at a “crossroads”.

The article “COVID-19 is at a Crossroads in Europe in Summer 2021: Risks of the Third Wave and the need to scenarios considering“, has NOVA NSPH researcher Vasco Ricoca Peixoto as it’s first author, and warns that, while vaccination progresses, it is important to maintain preventive behaviors to control the transmission and the appearance of new, more infectious or lethal variants, with reduced vaccine effectiveness, and to prevent the appearance of sequels in medium/long term.