Welcome to the NOVA Nacional School of Public Health (NOVA NSPH)!

Over its more than 50 years of existence, NOVA National School of Public Health (NOVA NSPH) has played a leading role in the development of Public Health science.

Through a consolidated and diversified training offer, in a student-centred teaching, in close articulation with research and with a strong connection to practice, the School has promoted, since its creation, the training of a critical mass of highly differentiated professionals. These professionals stand out for their technical, scientific, transversal skills and ability to act, in different sectors, on the most complex public health issues, in an ongoing changing global context.

We develop national and international quality research. The School leads and participates in competitive research projects, in a research culture guided by public health current and future challenges, focused on innovation and societal impact. The evidence production supports populations health and well-being and strengths health systems, with the priority being to translate evidence into adapted and replicable solutions in real contexts, from local to global.

At NOVA NSPH our mission is committed to serve the community, through institutional cooperation and intersectoral partnerships, in the reinforcement of skills and lifelong learning, as well as health interventions and policies design, implementation and evaluation.

Our people make the success of the institution and this is constantly reinforced by the dynamism, active involvement and strengthening of the NOVA NSPH community, the teaching staff, researchers, staff, partners, and in which our students and alumni assume a prominent role.

Leading and innovating in the different areas of our work, as multidisciplinary as Public Health has always been, and will continue to be, a challenge. NOVA National School of Public Health is not alien to the times we live in, the context affected by the pandemic, by a climate crisis that is also social, political and economic, by large-scale conflicts. We count on everyone so that, together, we can use science, creativity, innovation and technology to find new approaches to solve the complex challenges of the present and the future.

This is my invitation to join the NOVA NSPH community!


Sónia Dias