Welcome to the NOVA National School of Public Health


The Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública (National School of Public Health) of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa – ENSP/NOVA – is a post-graduate teaching and research institution dedicated to developing applied research and knowledge transfer in the fields of public health and health policy and management.

Founded in 1966, ENSP/NOVA is a pioneer institution in public health teaching in Portugal and in Europe. It has three main strategic goals aimed at improving and consolidating its position as: (i) a producer of nationally and internationally recognized research oriented to the resolution of problems in the fields of health and health care; (ii) a centre of excellence in teaching and training in public health; (iii) a reference university institution in the design, development and evaluation of the Portuguese health system.

The School carries out its activities through a broad network of national and international partnerships. It has an experienced and competent faculty  that cover a wide variety of disciplines (eg. Epidemiology and Statistics, Environmental and Occupational Health, Health Promotion, Health Policy and Administration, Health Services Management, Health Economics, Health Sociology, Health Law).

ENSP/NOVA is the host institution of a new research centre (CISP – Public Health Research Centre) evaluated recently by FCT.


Director of ENSP-NOVA