Julian Perelman

Health Economics Invited Associate Professor

Julian Perelman has a Phd in economics from Université catholique de Louvain. He coordinates the Mission Structure for the Health Budget Program and is vice-president of the Health Technology Assessment Commission.

Author of more than 60 publications in indexed scientific journals, his main research interests are inequalities in health and healthcare, health financing and providers’ payment models, and economic evaluation in health.



Pedagogic Coordination

  • Applied Health Economics (Public Health Phd Program and optional course)
  • Health Economics for Health Administration (Advanced Course in Hospital Administration)
  • Introduction to Health Economics (Advanced Course in Public Health)


Teaching Participation

  • Seminar in Public Health II (Public Health Phd Program)
  • Health Policy, Economics, Organizational Theory and Management (PhD Global Public Health)
  • Health Economics (Master in Public Health)
  • Health Economics (Master in Health Management)

Supervision of three Phd and 25 master theses.

Local coordinator of the Erasmus Mundus Phd Program “Dynamics of Health and Welfare”.

Teresa Leão | How do policies shape population’s health in Europe: from welfare regimes to school-based tobacco control programmes. Phd in Public Health, Health Economics. ENSP/NOVA, 2019.

Vanessa Ribeiro | Tecnologias cardíacas em Portugal, 1997-2012: avaliação da eficiência e das desigualdades. Phd in Public Health, Health Economics. ENSP/NOVA, 2018.

Joana Alves | Essays on smoking inequalities. Phd in Public Health, Health Economics. ENSP/NOVA, 2016.

Principal Researcher

  • Avaliação da reforma dos CSP centrada nos ganhos de economia, eficiência e eficácia resultantes da transformação de UCSP em USF (projeto ACSS, 11364/2016/DAG/NAM/ACSS)
  • Reassessing the Portuguese mental health system: evaluating its performance, and designing a new financial and organizational model aimed at enhancing its equity, efficiency, and quality (project EEA Grants, Programa Iniciativas em Saúde Pública PT06, 000065SM1).
  • "Pay-for-performance" e equidade nos cuidados de saúde (financiado pelo Instituto Nacional de Saúde, 2011EXT484).



  • Enhancing the effectiveness of programs and strategies to prevent smoking by adolescents: a realist evaluation comparing seven European countries (SILNE-R, HORIZON 2020 635056)
  • Tackling socioeconomic inequalities in smoking: learning from natural experiments by time trend analyses and cross-national comparisons (SILNE, FP7-HEALTH-2011.3.3-1).

Selected Publications in the last five years

  • Leão T, Perelman J, Clancy L, Mlinarić M, Kinnunen JM, Nuyts PA, Mélard N, Rimpela A, Lorant V, Kunst AE. Economic evaluation of five tobacco control policies across seven European countries. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, published online ahead of print on the 27th of July 2019.
  • Moor I, Kuipers MAG, Lorant V, Pfortner T-K, Kinnunen J, Rathmann K, Perelman J, Alves J, Robert P-O, Rimpela A, Kunst AE, Richter M. Inequalities in adolescent self-rated health and smoking in Europe: comparing different indicators of socioeconomic status. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 2019, 73(10):963-970.
  • Perelman J, Leão T, Kunst AE. Smoking and school absenteeism among 15- to 16-year old adolescents: a cross-section analysis on 36 European countries. European Journal of Public Health 2019, 29(4):778-784.
  • Kislaya I, Perelman J, Tolonen H, Nunes B. The social patterning of measurement errors in self-reports of risk factors for cardiovascular disease: impact on health inequalities estimates in INSEF 2015 study. International Journal of Public Health 2019, 64(5):721-729.
  • Serrano-Alarcón M, Kunst AE, Bodriesz JR, Perelman J. Tobacco control policies and smoking among older adults: a longitudinal analysis of 10 European countries. Addiction 2019, 114(6): 1076-1085.
  • Dos Santos A, Perelman J, Jacinto PA, Tejada C, Barros A, Bertoldi A, Matijasevich A, Santos I. Income-related inequality and inequity in children’s health care: A longitudinal analysis using data from Brazil. Social Science and Medicine 2019, 224:127-137.
  • Peralta-Santos A, Perelman J. Who wants to cross borders in the EU for healthcare? An analysis of the Eurobarometer data in 2007 and 2014. European Journal of Public Health 2018, 28(5):879-884.
  • Leão T, Campos-Matos I, Bambra C, Russo G, Perelman J. Welfare states, the Great Recession and health: Trends in educational inequalities in self-reported health in 26 European countries. Plos One 2018, 13(2): e0193165.
  • Perelman J, Alves J, Pfoertner T, Moor I, Federico B, Kuipers M.A.G, Richter M, Rimpela A, Kunst A.E, Lorant V. The association between personal income and smoking among adolescents: a study in six European cities. Addiction 2017, 112(12):2248-2256.
  • Lorant V, Soto-Rojas V, Bécares L, Kinnunen J, Kuipers MA, Moor I, Roscillo G, Alves J, Grard A, Rimpela AH, Federico B, Richter M, Perelman J, Kunst AE. A social network analysis of substance use among immigrant adolescents in six European cities. Social Science and Medicine 2016, 169:58-65.

Full details of publications can be found at: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Julian_Perelman


  • Vice-president of the Health Technology Assessment Comission (CATS), since June 2016
  • Coordinator of the Mission Framework for the Sustainability of the Health Budget Program, since April 2018